Partners and web links

We are collecting resources that have been made available by a number of key organizations in the renewable energy scene; follow the web links below for more information about some of the local environmental organizations.

  • Green Energy Co-operative of Ontario (GECO) provides a membership opportunity for Ontario residents to own and invest in community owned green energy projects, creating clean local power while supporting local employment and community development.
  • OSEA (Ontario Sustainable Energy Association) is a respected advocate, facilitator and business catalyst bringing the public, commercial and community sustainable energy sector and their supporters together to address emerging trends. They do this by providing access to credible partners, networking opportunities, independent research and stakeholder engagement, timely communication of trusted information, tools and techniques and through policy and regulatory reform. OSEA is a non-partisan, member-based non-profit dedicated to inspiring and enabling the people of Ontario to improve the environment, economy and their health by conserving and producing clean, renewable energy in their homes, businesses and communities.
  • Environment Hamilton (EH) is a not-for-profit organization helping Hamiltonians to develop the knowledge and skills they need to protect and enhance the environment around them. The organization emerged out of the efforts of a small group of citizens from east Hamilton who launched an investigation to ensure the City of Hamilton’s old Rennie Street Landfill was properly cleaned up.
  • The Halton Environmental Network (HEN) is an incorporated non-profit organization operating in the Region of Halton, Ontario (Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton, and Oakville). HEN shares information and resources with member environmental groups, other non-profit organizations, businesses, governments, and the public.
  • The Hamilton Halton Energy Awareness Team (HHEAT) educates the people of Hamilton and Halton about renewable energy and the cooperative model; promoting community-owned projects in both these regions. HHEAT is a project of Environment Hamilton and the Halton Environmental Network.
  • Sustainable Hamilton is a new non-profit corporation with a powerful vision for Hamilton as the city with the greatest commitment to sustainable development in North America. Sustainable Hamilton envisions a world-class city with a vibrant, resilient economy, exceptional quality of life and healthy natural environment.
  • Green Venture is a community-based, non-profit organization committed to helping Hamilton-area residents live more sustainably where they live, work, and play. Green Venture directly engages and supports between 13,000 and 20,000 residents of all ages every year.
  • Women in Renewable Energy (WiRE) is a Toronto-based non-profit aiming to expand the involvement of professional women in all renewable energy industry segments through educational field trips, monthly networking meetings, and communications and engagement initiatives.

Provincial organizations

  • The Community Energy Partnerships Program (CEPP) is a grant program to support community power in Ontario. We assist community power projects through funding support of up to $200,000. Funding opportunities for renewable energy education projects are also now available to assist not-for-profit, charitable and co-operative organizations in Ontario.  The CEPP is brought to you by the Community Power Fund and Deloitte, and has been made possible by the Ontario Power Authority and the Government of Ontario.
  • The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) plays a unique role in Ontario’s electricity sector, coordinating province-wide conservation efforts, plan the electricity system for the long-term, and contract for clean electricity resources. They do this by working closely with industry partners and a broad range of stakeholders across the province.  The OPA manages the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program.

Other Ontario renewable energy co-operatives

  • LIFE Co-op is a renewable energy co-operative with its headquarters in Kitchener, ON. They are a progressive local initiative built on environmental and community principles. LIFE Co-op was formed to find ways to reduce dependency on non-renewable resources, and to enable community members to work together in the development of our green energy future.
  • OREC (Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative Inc.) was formed in 2010 to offer local investment in renewable energy. OREC allows residents in the City of Ottawa to jointly own and finance renewable energy generation projects in Ottawa, while earning a reasonable return. Residents of Ottawa can purchase an OREC membership, allowing them investment access to local renewable energy projects.
  • TREC Renewable Energy Co-operative is a non-profit, environmental co-operative headquartered  in Toronto, Ontario that develops community-owned renewable energy projects and educates Ontarians about renewable energy, energy conservation and the community power model.

If you are interested in joining our association, visit the above sites will provide a great deal of information, allowing you to become much more familiar with some of the important facets of a community power project and formation of renewable energy co-ops.

International links

United States

  • Colorado Solar provides useful information about why and how to go solar.

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