How can we invest in renewable energy?

Green Energy Co-operative of Ontario logoInterest in renewable energy is broad, but not everybody is in a position to invest a great deal of time in its promotion.  Through a partnership with the Green Energy Co-operative of Ontario Inc. (GECO), an opportunity is available to folks like you and I to securely invest our money in renewable projects across Ontario.

In order to allow us to invest in their projects, GECO needed to have an offering statement approved by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.  This is complete.  This document allows GECO to start fundraising for the equity component of  their Solar Projects.  To read the complete Offering Statement, please click on the link below:

GECO has received proposals from several engineering firms to complete the pre-construction engineering work, and are currently in the thorough review process.  In the meantime, GECO staff are finalizing information material for distribution through their website and partners.  They are also beginning to set up several town hall meetings to provide members with information and to answer questions regarding the projects and investment.  It is GECO’s intention to have your investments be RRSP eligible, and are finalizing details on that effort.

HARE members will be supporting GECO’s public meetings in the Hamilton area, and will be keeping our members up to date through this site, Facebook, Twitter and our e-mail newsletter.

Update: GECO reports that they have raised sufficient funds and are not looking for additional investors.  However they are looking at buying a couple of projects, and if they do, they will likely need to raise more money, so stay tuned.

Other opportunities are in the works so keep checking back!