Board of Directors

As part of corporate governance, the Hamilton Association for Renewable Energy elected its first slate of directors at the first Annual General Meeting, held on January 27th, 2013 in the Hamilton Room of the main branch of the Hamilton Public Library, 55 York Blvd in Hamilton, ON.

As per the adopted bylaws, the board of directors shall manage or supervise the management of the affairs and business of the Association.  The Board will select from its members individuals to perform the roles of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The right side of this page includes a brief bio for each of the board members.

Governing documents

The HARE governing documents currently consist of the following:

Ratified General By-Laws (Ratified at the first Annual General Meeting, January 27, 2013)

Board of Directors nomination process (PDF file)

 Financial accounts

2012 Balance Sheet (71 kb PNG image)

2012 Income and Expense report (217 kb PNG image)

2012 Account review letter (167 kb PNG image)

2013 Financial Report (418 kb PDF file)

Beatrice Ekoko

I am Project Manager/Facilitator at Environment Hamilton since 2007.
I facilitated the creation of Hamilton Association for Renewable Energy (HARE).

I have wide experience as a community animator, capacity builder and motivator.

I am a free lance writer, blogger, educator and ardent advocate of self-directed, open source learning.

I bring originality and enthusiasm to whatever work I do.

My personal goal is to help stimulate community engagement towards a sustainable Hamilton. I want to see renewable energy projects adorn this city.

F. Ross Englefield

I work extremely well in a team environment, and have used my skills through the development and roll-out of multiple cross-departmental projects over the past decade.

My interest in ecology, the environment and renewable energy is a life-long passion. The opportunity to contribute to a group like HARE is something that I deeply enjoy.

I have been honoured to volunteer on web site and social media services to HARE.

I intend to work hard within the team of HARE members to create and execute successful programs in the mandate which we have created through the HARE Mission and Vision statements.

Jeffrey Ponsford

I have been a resident of downtown Hamilton since 2008 and am currently a full-time student of Mohawk College’s Renewable Energy Systems Technology program.

I believe in a more sustainable future for the city of Hamilton. In efforts to help this happen I was the volunteer co-ordinator for the Ontario Green Party ADFW candidate in the 2011 provincial election. I also volunteered with the North Hamilton Community Health Centre’s Kid’s Gardening Club. I have also helped make short eco films.

Whether elected to the board or not I look forward to continue being an active member of H.A.R.E.

Thank you for your consideration.

Pauline Prowse

Pauline is one of the founding members of HARE, being actively involved in working groups starting in late 2011. She has been the acting Membership Coordinator since HARE’s incorporation.

Pauline has been employed in the IT industry for over 20 years, fulfilling a variety of technical, business analyst and project management roles. She currently runs her own IT consulting business.

Pauline volunteers at the Dundas Little Theatre and is a foster for the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA. Her past volunteer experience includes 10 years with Scouts Canada and 14 years with school councils.

Bill Thompson

I have been an active participant in the activities leading up to the creation of HARE. I have been organizing around creating good green jobs to the past 3 years.