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Get Involved! Join our Meetings.

You don’t need to wait until an AGM to come out to HARE meetings! The board invites all those interested to attend our meetings and have your say. What do you want to know about renewable energy? We want to know

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Invitation to Hamilton Public Meeting for HARE & GECO Investment Presentation Nov 19 2013


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Renewable energy in London, FIT 2.0, FGM and more!

London Calling The Green Energy Co-operative of Ontario (GECO) needs members from the London, Ontario municipality to join the co-op, in order to qualify for projects in the region.  If you have contacts in the London, Ontario area, please let

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HARE and GECO sign-ups going strong!

Over the past couple of months, HARE (Hamilton Association for Renewable Energy) and GECO (Green Energy Co-operative of Ontario) have been busy getting the word out about how we as individuals can band together to realize real change in the

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GECO web site is now live

Preparations are going very well for our upcoming public meetings on October 16th and 23rd in Hamilton to describe what HARE is doing in partnership with GECO and how you can get involved. For a little more information about the

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HARE to join forces with GECO

The Hamilton Association for Renewable Energy (HARE) is joining with Spark Solar’s newly formed renewable energy co-operative-Green Energy Co-operative of Ontario Inc. (GECO.) Members of the association are working on the next steps to make renewable energy projects in our community a

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We are voting: For profit or not for profit renewable energy co-operative.

The game is afoot and we are asking members of the group to cast their vote (educated of course) as to whether they want to go for profit or not for profit. Here’s some information that can help you decide:

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With share capital or without share capital? For profit or not for profit?

The big question is should our co-op be a for profit (with share capital) or a not for profit (without share capital)? Sigh. Why can’t it be easy like in the case of Leominster Solar Co-op over in Britain where it’s

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