About us

Overview of HARE

Who is HARE?

HARE (Hamilton Association for Renewable Energy) is a community-based association working to increase the production and use of renewable energy in the City of Hamilton.

Our activities include the promotion of renewable energy through education, and participation in renewable energy projects through the establishment of a renewable energy co-operative in Hamilton that will own one or more renewable energy installations.

This progression to a co-operative will require the input, energy and support of the Hamilton area citizens, through investment and/or direct involvement.

In October of 2013, HARE became an Associate Member of the Federation of Community Power Co-operatives (FCPC).  The FCPC is a province-wide umbrella organization for community power co-ops in Ontario that are developing grid-tied renewable energy projects. They exist to unite, represent and serve the community power co-op community across the province.

How is HARE organized?

HARE is incorporated as a not-for-profit association with a volunteer Board of Directors and membership.  We function in a collaborative manner with no formal management structure.

Who can join HARE?

Anyone can join HARE. Although the group’s primary focus is on the Hamilton area, anyone who is interested in supporting or getting involved with the promotion of renewable energy is very welcome!

What is HARE doing right now?

HARE has been carefully evaluating a variety of progress options, and has chosen to partner with an established renewable energy co-operative, Green Energy Co-operative of Ontario (GECO). This partnership will provide HARE the opportunity to learn and grow and to be part of an active renewable energy project under the guidelines set out in Ontario’s FIT (Feed-In Tariff) 2.0 program.

Our signed agreement will allow HARE to participate in GECO’s renewable energy co-operative, and allow for the provisioning of solar energy installations in Hamilton.

GECO was created out of Spark Solar, an experienced renewable energy organization with existing projects and established revenues under Ontario’s FIT program. GECO is managed by Spark Solar.

HARE’s decision to work with an existing co-op provides a low-risk entry into the renewable energy sector. HARE’s agreement with GECO provides that some of the income from completed renewable energy projects will be directed to HARE. These funds will be used to promote renewable energy in Hamilton, and to assist in the development of a HARE co-operative.


Our History

The Hamilton Association for Renewable Energy (HARE) was formed in 2012 by a group of Hamilton residents. These folks were brought together through efforts by the Hamilton Halton Energy Awareness Team (HHEAT), which is a partnership between Environment Hamilton and Halton Environmental Network.

HHEAT, a short-term project, had the mandate to educate Hamilton and Halton residents about renewable energy and renewable energy co-operatives.

Through lively discussion, HARE emerged as a not-for-profit association with the following Mission and Vision:

Mission: To promote renewable energy in the City of Hamilton.
Vision: To enable co-operative and other forms of community-owned renewable energy in Hamilton to reduce our environmental footprint and attain greater sustainability through:
  • the development of renewable energy projects;
  • support to others in our community pursuing renewable energy projects; and
  • education of the public regarding the benefits of community power.

Association resources

HARE's first General Meeting (FGM) was held on Sunday, January 27th, 2013. At this meeting, we voted in our first Board of Directors and passed our bylaws.

The bylaw document is available for download as a PDF here.

The Board nomination and recruitment document can be downloaded as a PDF here.