Year in Review

We hope you are having a wonderful break. We are briefly interrupting your break to offer you a summary of HARE activities in 2014 and where we hope to go in 2015.

  • HARE members have been publishing Op Eds in the Spectator throughout the year.
  • In the spring, we toured the only North American geo-thermally cooled and heated church– the Meadowlands Fellowship Christian Reformed Church.
  • We attended numerous events and eco fairs in the community.
  • In the summer, in partnership with Environment Hamilton, we began advocating for a Local Improvement Charges program in Hamilton, to assist home owners in improving their home’s energy efficiency.  We talked to many people and canvassed door to door in the Crownpoint neighbourhood.
  • The HARE Board was present at the People’s Platform and and we attended all candidates meetings in October to ensure that our request to get LIC on the agenda be taken into account. We invite you to learn more about the potential of such a program at the following link:  

Currently, we are compiling a list of Hamilton rooftops for FIT 4 so that we can make investing opportunities available (in Hamilton proper) through the Green Energy Coop of Ontario.

Looking forward—We will be working with Environment Hamilton to encourage city councillors to implement LICs in 2015. We will continue to educate the community about the benefits of renewable energy.

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