Movie night on May 1st, 2013

Hey everyone, clear your schedules for the evening of Wednesday, May 1st.  HARE, in cooperation with the Laidlaw Memorial United Church will be presenting the documentary movie, Powerful: Energy for Everyone!

I haven’t yet seen the film, so I’ll provide you with this excerpt from their website:

Poster for HARE movie night featuring Powerful: Energy for Everyone

Poster for HARE movie night featuring Powerful: Energy for Everyone

Flick the switch, turn the key, press the button and then pay the bill. Multiply that by six billion and you’ve got a picture of energy consumption on Earth today. We’re hard-wired to a conventional energy system that drives our transportation, powers our communications and is the lifeline to industry and commerce. Despite the benefits, we know that this system is regrettably depleting our resources, polluting our air and affecting global climate change. Guaranteed access to energy is no longer being taken for granted and the quest for “energy security” has become the buzz-word behind global trade relations and even a justification for conflict.

Who has the power after all?

Short of moving “back to the land” and going entirely “off grid”, what’s an ordinary member of society to do?

Green economy educator, David Chernushenko isn’t quite ready to head for the hills, but he has taken the extra special step of installing solar panels to off-set some of the energy consumed by his family home. Now, if he could just be allowed to feed some of that energy back into the grid, perhaps others could do the same. But we’re not there yet and David wants to know what we can do about it.

From the far side of the ocean to his own backyard, he’ll embark on a global journey to examine the alternatives to the conventional energy system and experience the critical resistance being met along the way. Tackling the spin of the big energy lobby and, equally, dispelling the myths of a “green utopia” envisioned by many, Powerful is a candid examination of what a sustainable future may actually look like.

From amazing innovators, eccentric eco-activists to average communities completely powered by renewable energy, David will begin to discover that the implications for political, economic and democratic change are right here, on our very doorsteps… or just above them.

So what do you think?

The Laidlaw Memorial United Church is located at 155 Ottawa Street North, at Cannon Street.  Parking is available and admission to the move is FREE!  Doors will open at 6:30 pm and the movie will begin at 7:00 pm.

For more information, please use our online feedback form or call Beatrice Ekoko at 905-549-0900 or Rev. Doug Moore at 905-544-6536.

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