Mapping Climate Change Actions with McMaster University

The Hamilton Association for Renewable Energy and Environment Hamilton are working with the McMaster Centre for Climate Change in their new mapping efforts called LEARN-CC.  The organization is working toward creating maps to show the impacts of climate change and the actions that are being taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  There are many different ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but one of the most relevant categories related to HARE is energy section where we can talk about the renewable energy projects that have been completed in our region.


This is a valuable opportunity to compile good, comprehensive data exploring the scale of the renewable energy revolution that is sweeping the Hamilton region.  We like to think that HARE members are some of the keenest renewable energy aficionados in the world.  We would like to reach out to our members to help contribute to this project.  If you are part of or know of any renewable energy projects in the community please report it.  These projects can be as simple as a residential roof-top solar installation or it can be a large scale renewable energy generation project.  We encourage you to include as much information about the project as you can.  For example, how much energy is the project generating or saving?  There is also an option on the report form to submit a photograph which will then be included in a slideshow.

There is also the option to submit information about energy conservation projects and there is a long list of topics besides energy under their list of actions and impacts.

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