First Board of Directors meeting

This past Tuesday was a pretty big day for HARE, as we braved the unpleasant February weather and held our first ever meeting of the HARE Board of Directors!

All nine new members were in attendance, and quickly got to business selecting our executive:

  • President, Nadine Bernacki
  • Vice-President, Pauline Prowse
  • Secretary, Jeffrey Ponsford
  • Treasurer, Dave Carson

Many thanks go to these folks for stepping up and volunteering their time and minds.

With a new year ahead for the group, there was a great deal of discussion about possible events and goals. This group, while often tight on time, are certainly big on ideas. Board members will spend the next couple weeks thinking up new ideas, and making notes on the better ones so that we can select the ones to focus on during our next meeting.

Although we have a lot of ideas of projects, both large and small, we would very much appreciate all input from our members and other interested people. Any thoughts can be sent to us through our handy Contact Us form.

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