With share capital or without share capital? For profit or not for profit?

The big question is should our co-op be a for profit (with share capital) or a not for profit (without share capital)? Sigh. Why can’t it be easy like in the case of Leominster Solar Co-op over in Britain where it’s a not-for-profit WITH shares?

Here are some points to consider as we move towards coming to a decision:

1. Understand our philosophical motivation 2. What is the governance structure and culture we want for the co-op? 3. How are we going to use surplus funds? 4.Understanding what financing will be needed can help determine whether we incorporate with share or without share capital. Basically, how are we going to raise capital- what way is the most likely?

 Next HARE Meeting: Thursday, June 28th at the Hamilton Public Library (Central) at 7pm. 4th floor. Join us!

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