HARE and GECO sign-ups going strong!

Over the past couple of months, HARE (Hamilton Association for Renewable Energy) and GECO (Green Energy Co-operative of Ontario) have been busy getting the word out about how we as individuals can band together to realize real change in the area of renewable energy.

When our two groups joined forces, we understood that we would need a bare minimum of 50 homeowners in the Hamilton area to sign on as members in order to achieve the success criteria set out by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA).

This minimum of 50 GECO members will allow us to participate in the upcoming FIT 2.0 (Feed-in Tariff) program, which will guarantee income from the created solar electricity.  The more members we have, the more attractive our area becomes to the solar energy developers.

As of our last sign-up session on November 15th, we now have 71 paid HARE members and 69 paid GECO members.  That is amazing! Massive thanks go out to everyone who stepped up to learn more about the opportunity and begin the process with their membership fees.  The fees are still very low – only $10 for GECO and $20 for HARE.  Get them both at the same time and save $10!

Are you interested in bringing more renewable energy to the Hamilton area?  Are you interested in getting involved with the activities of HARE?  Our next meeting is Monday, November 26th at the Environment Hamilton offices (22 Wilson Street in Hamilton, ON, near the corner of Wilson and James – second floor).  Please feel free to come out and meet us!

Our next drop-in sign-up session will be held on Tuesday, December 11th from 4pm until 9pm at the Environment Hamilton offices.  This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the combined investment and environmental opportunity from Kevin Epp of GECO.  Come out and be part of the renewable energy solution!

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